The Mount Athos State is the oldest active Orthodox monastic community, since there has not been a period since the foundation of the first monastery in Athos until today, during which its mission was interrupted within the Church and the world. This mission is to create saints, to transmute the living tradition of Orthodoxy and the experience of the theology to man of all times.


The Monasteries of Mount Athos have highlighted a large number of saints, ranked in the Orthodox Church’s Saintship. Some others have remained unknown, since they preferred the obscurity of humiliation even after they were killed. They also showed important personalities, some of whom were distinguished for their works within the Monasteries, since they owe them the erection or renovation of buildings, temple history, the formation and organization of their important libraries, etc. Some other personalities played an important role in their work outside the Monasteries, offering various ways to Hellenism, since they have come to high ecclesiastical and political offices.

As an indication of minimum price, this application is dedicated to the personalities of the monks who acted in the Monasteries of Mount Athos during the period from the 12th to the 20th century. For those who were included after strict selection, some biographical data is provided. They are accompanied by photographic material of their own, but also of their personal objects or objects which are a testimony of their action.